7 Resolutions Our Doctors are Making and Why: 2024 Edition

December 19, 2023

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Who better to look to for some New Year’s resolution inspiration than the health and wellness experts themselves: Doctors! Last year, we asked our docs to give us the inside scoop on the resolutions they were making and why. And because last year’s responses were so great, we’ve decided to make this a yearly thing.

So without further ado, here are our doctors’ 2024 resolutions:

1. Follow Instructions

The Resolution: Actually follow the Ikea instructions instead of winging it.

The Why: As fun as it is to play grown-up Legos, not every coffee table needs to be a piece of abstract modern art. — Dr. Abhinav Golla, ophthalmologist

2. (Realistically) Limit the Coffee

The Resolution: Use less coffee creamer.

The Why: I would love to say my resolution is to drink less coffee — or even better — to drink more water. But the reality is that life with four little kids and a busy surgical practice would very quickly allow me to justify my way out of my resolution and back into a hyper-caffeinated existence. However, if I limit the amount of creamer I allow myself on a daily basis, I am confident that my tastebuds will do a bang-up job at holding me accountable. — Dr. Lindsey Saint, cardiothoracic surgeon

3. Opt for Stairs

The Resolution: Take the stairs more often.

The Why: I spend a lot of my time in the Emergency Department, but often have to attend meetings on different floors. It’s always tempting to take the elevator, but taking the stairs up and down is a simple way to stay healthy (and save the elevators for those who really need it). My goal is to walk up at least one or two flights and at least two flights down. — Dr. Christopher Sampson, emergency medicine doctor

4. Cut the Nighttime Grazing

The Resolution: Stop eating after 7 p.m.

The Why: I find myself grazing often in the evening. Not only may this resolution improve my sleep quality, it will also help me lower my risk of heart disease! — Dr. Mary Beth Fisher, cardiologist

5. Prioritize Daily Well-Being

The Resolution: Meditate and exercise every day.

The Why: Studies continue to show daily meditation and exercise help with stress and well-being. Not only do I want to be a role model for my kids, but I also talk to patients about this and I want them to know I practice what I preach. — Dr. Brett Moore, pediatrician

6. Follow the (Sun)Light

The Resolution: Take advantage of daily sunlight benefits.

The Why: Sunlight — particularly UVB — is important for our health. Studies show appropriate early morning sun and safe sun exposure on skin (don’t get burned) is vital for regulating sleep/wake cycles, hormones, mood and metabolism. I plan to take a morning walk when the UV index is low or step outside for a few minutes on a lunch break or between meetings. A little sunlight goes a long way. — Dr. Matthew Smith, orthopaedic surgeon

7. Streeeeetch

The Resolution: Stretch every day.

The Why: Standing in the OR for eight hours a day does not help my back. Good posture and ergonomics are key to a pain-free life in the long run! — Dr. Bornali Kundu, neurosurgeon

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