Dr. Stevan Whitt
Guest Blog

Missourians are Dying from COVID-19 Misinformation

"Many people believe vaccine myths or fixate on the exceptions to the rule, essentially choosing to swim with the sharks rather than get in the lifeboat."

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Fertility Is a Journey, and After Two and a Half Years, Here’s Mine

Each year, the last full week of April is recognized as National Infertility Awareness Week as a way to shed light on the challenges, misinformation, grief and hope surrounding infertility. It’s through personal stories and experiences that we’re able to learn and be inspired, and this year, we’re honored to share Lyndsay Kalista’s story in her own words....

Healthy Eating Hacks: 3 Ways to Make Over Any Meal

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated — and it definitely doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. Don’t believe us? See for yourself as Michelle Townsend, registered dietitian, shows us three ways to makes over an American dinner staple: spaghetti and meat sauce:...

3 Ways to Honor Black History With Your Family

Inspired by Nikki McGruder’s reflection on the importance of Black history as a Black mother and the director of diversity, equity and inclusion at MU Health Care, we decided to pull together three simple ways you can honor Black History Month with your family....

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