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Fertility Is a Journey, and After Two and a Half Years, Here’s Mine

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3 Ways to Honor Black History With Your Family

Inspired by Nikki McGruder’s reflection on the importance of Black history as a Black mother and the director of diversity, equity and inclusion at MU Health Care, we decided to pull together three simple ways you can honor Black History Month with your family....

Black History Month: The Anniversary Month of a Year-Long Effort

For Nikki McGruder, director of diversity, equity and inclusion at MU Health Care, Black History Month is a special time of the year — not just for her professional goals of creating a workspace that makes everyone feel welcomed and valued, but for her personal goals as well. As a Black woman raising Black children, Black History Month is the anniversary of a year-long effort she makes to show her daughters the importance of knowing and embracing their roots....

Breaking Down the Science Behind mRNA Vaccines

By now we’ve all heard the phrase “mRNA vaccine,” and for good reason — the latest COVID-19 vaccines are the first of their kind. But if you’re wondering what mRNA actually means and how it works, we’ve got your breakdown right here....

If You Snooze, Do You Really Lose?

Your alarm blares, interrupting your peaceful slumber. You can’t bear the thought of getting up, so you tap snooze. Just as soon as you relax and drift off, there’s the alarm again. You play the snooze game for another hour before finally deciding to get up....

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