Ezra Schaefer
Guest Blog

“My Child Has Cancer” — How One Dad Coped With His Son’s Diagnosis

Watching his child go through cancer treatment almost broke Daniel Schaefer. But learning to cope with his child’s cancer diagnosis has given him a new perspective on life.

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An Out-of-Body Experience: Leigh Ann’s High-Risk Breast Cancer Story

I'd like to take you on a journey, starting from the very beginning, to share this profound, out-of-body experience with you. It all began in late October 2021, when I set a personal challenge for myself: To consistently work out at the gym 20 times a month for a full year. I was feeling good and proud of myself as I almost was at the end of my goal. I decided to begin this blog with this specific moment because my gym community was a vital source of unwavering support throughout my journey. ...